2019 Pop Culture Diary


1st: Winter Classic (TV)
4th: Marrying Father Christmas (Film); Days of Our Lives: 1/1-4 Episodes (TV)
6th: 2019 Golden Globe Awards (TV)
7th: Pop Culture Happy Hour: 2019 Golden Globes (Podcast); The Bachelor: 23×01 (TV)
8th: Days of Our Lives: 1/7 & 1/8 Episode (TV); X100PRE by Bad Bunny (Album); PCHH: 15 Favorite Things of 2018 (Podcast); Soundcheck: My Brightest Diamond Hits the Dancefloor (Podcast); The Fringe of It: Money Episode (Podcast); NYT Book Review: Vietnam (Podcast); NYT Book Review: 10 Best Books of 2018 (Podcast)
9th: PCHH: Our Yearly Resolutions & Predictions (Podcast)
10th: All Songs Considered: GlobalFest (Podcast); The Ellen Show: Saoirse Ronan (TV); Big Grrl Small World by Lizzo (Album)
11th: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 6×01 — The Honeymoon (TV)
13th: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries: Cocaine Blues (TV); How It’s Made: Giant Tires & Glass Ornaments (TV)
14th: NYT Book Review: Immaturity in American Politics (Podcast); Days of Our Lives: 1/9 Episode (TV); NYT Book Review: Poetry Meets the Moment(s) (Podcast)
15th: Days of Our Lives (TV)
16th: All Songs Considered: Stella Donnelly, etc. (Podcast); Roswell, New Mexico: 1×01 (TV); Days of Our Lives (TV)
17th: NYT Book Review: Becoming (Podcast); Riverdale: 3×09 — No Exit (TV)

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Best Books of 2018

This year I didn’t read anywhere near as many books as I did in 2017, but maybe that’s because I didn’t listen to as many books this year. I generally have an hour-and-a-half commute to-and-from work each day, which means I can easily get through a 6-8 disc (yes ur gurl still listens to old school CDs) audiobook in one week, but something about this year just made me want to listen to more music than books. Regardless, I did discover a lot of new favorite reads, most of which were not released in 2018. Because of this, I reserved one spot at the end of my top ten for a pick from a previous year.

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