2019 Pop Culture Diary


1st: Winter Classic (TV)
4th: Marrying Father Christmas (Film); Days of Our Lives: 1/1-4 Episodes (TV)
6th: 2019 Golden Globe Awards (TV)
7th: Pop Culture Happy Hour: 2019 Golden Globes (Podcast); The Bachelor: 23×01 (TV)
8th: Days of Our Lives: 1/7 & 1/8 Episode (TV); X100PRE by Bad Bunny (Album); PCHH: 15 Favorite Things of 2018 (Podcast); Soundcheck: My Brightest Diamond Hits the Dancefloor (Podcast); The Fringe of It: Money Episode (Podcast); NYT Book Review: Vietnam (Podcast); NYT Book Review: 10 Best Books of 2018 (Podcast)
9th: PCHH: Our Yearly Resolutions & Predictions (Podcast)
10th: All Songs Considered: GlobalFest (Podcast); The Ellen Show: Saoirse Ronan (TV); Big Grrl Small World by Lizzo (Album)
11th: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 6×01 — The Honeymoon (TV)
13th: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries: Cocaine Blues (TV); How It’s Made: Giant Tires & Glass Ornaments (TV)
14th: NYT Book Review: Immaturity in American Politics (Podcast); Days of Our Lives: 1/9 Episode (TV); NYT Book Review: Poetry Meets the Moment(s) (Podcast)
15th: Days of Our Lives (TV)
16th: All Songs Considered: Stella Donnelly, etc. (Podcast); Roswell, New Mexico: 1×01 (TV); Days of Our Lives (TV)
17th: NYT Book Review: Becoming (Podcast); Riverdale: 3×09 — No Exit (TV)

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